• Pecomul 100™

    Invert Mud Primary Emulsifier Concentrate

    Pecomul 100™ is an invert mud emulsifier system is comprised of oxidized and modified tall oil for diesel based drilling fluids.

  • Pecomul 300™

    Secondary Emulsifier

    Pecomul 300™ is an invert mud emulsifier and wetting agent comprised of secondary emulsifiers for diesel based drilling fluids systems.

  • Pecomul 350™

    Invert Mud Emulsifier & Wetting Agent

    Pecomul 350™ is an invert mud emulsifier and wetting agent comprised of secondary emulsifiers for synthetic based drilling fluids systems. Pecomul 350™ is designed using low aromatic base oils.

  • Pecomul 500-D™

    Wetting Agent

    Pecomul 500-D™ is a specially formulated amido imidazoline product that is blended with a friendly solvent. Pecomul 500-D™ is a concentrated blend that promotes rapid oil wetting of drill solids and barite in and between synthetic oils, ethers, esters, poly-olefins and internal olefins as well as in calcium or sodium brines.

  • PecoFlake 303™

    Calcium Carbonate (Flakes)

    PecoFlake 303™ is a unique proprietary flaked calcium carbonate effective in controlling seepage and circulation losses in completion and drilling fluids. It is available in Fine, Medium and Coarse grades.

  • PecoSeal 306™

    Lost Circulation Materials

    PecoSeal 306™ is a unique formula of carbon base material that has a selective particle distribution in order to reach the most optimal distribution. This material is used as bridging agent or plugging in porous formations.

  • PEG-503™

    Lost Circulation Materials

    PEG-503™ is a proprietary, MULTI-BLEND product designed to plug loss circulation zones with fine to medium fractures. PEG-503™ is easily mixed with conventional rig equipment. PEG-503™ is designed to be used in water or oil based drilling fluids. PEG-503™ produces a very thick, tough cake which resists washing away once drilling resumes. Normal quantities required are 7ppb, when severe losses are found add 15-20ppb.

  • RD-220™

    LCM Blend for Extreme Losses

    RD-220™ is a freely flowing multi-component blend prepared for combating lost circulation in drilling fluids. RD-220™ is effective in a range of fracture plugging and is used as a maintenance treatment and higher addition rates when significant mud loss occurs. RD-220™ can be used for all invert fluids, including synthetics and in fresh and saltwater mud.

  • RD-600™

    Acid Soluble Lost Circulation Material

    RD-600™ is a proprietary blend of acid soluble minerals and polymers designed to help bridge and seal a wide range of fracture sizes in a productive zone where acid solubility is required. RD-600™ is compatible in all completion fluids, from fresh water to bromide brines.

  • TRL-100™

    Lost Circulation Material

    TRL-100™ is a unique material designed to be used as loss circulation material and as seepage agent. Its particle size distribution is an important characteristic of this product.

  • LA-200™

    Filtrate Control Agent

    LA-200™ is an amine treated lignite and filtrate control additive for non-aqueous fluids especially invert emulsions. It is compatible with diesel, esters, olefins and mineral oils typically used as drilling fluid base oils.

  • OC-390™

    Organophilic Clay

    An organoclay is recommended as rheological additive in oil based fluids and drilling muds. Suitable for use in low aromatic oils and synthetic solvents. In addition to imparting excellent rheological properties, OC-390™ increases the carrying capacity and hole cleaning capabilities of the Mud.

  • PecoBead 150™

    Copolymer Beads

    PecoBead 150™ lubricant additive is a proprietary blend of highly active copolymer beads in an environmentally friendly carrier fluid. It is used as a drilling fluid lubricant where ease of addition is needed and prevents the possibility of spillage of dry beads at the rig floor as a possible safety benefit.

  • PecoBead 400™

    Lubricant Bead

    PecoBead 400™ is a multi-phase lubricant that is designed to decrease the co-efficient of friction in all water- base drilling fluids. The PecoBead 400™ decreases the coefficient of friction that reduces torque, drag and the potential for differential sticking in the wellbore.

  • PecoBead 902™

    Poly Beads - Fine, Coarse, Premium

    PecoBead 902™ is an environmentally safe lubricant for drilling fluids. These beads blend into any system providing a non-abrasive insoluble lubricant that reduces torque and drag.

  • PecoBeads Premium™


    PecoBeads Premium™ lubricant is an environmentally safe drilling fluids additive containing a combination of different specific gravity beads for lubrication at both upper and lower points of contact in horizontal drilling.

  • Pecothin-100™

    Invert Mud Thinner/Conditioner

    Pecothin 100™ is a product designed to reduce the yield point in diesel invert emulsions. This product is active and it is designed to actively disperse solids weighted up to 18.5lb/bbl.

  • PEG-300™

    Free Pipe

    PEG 300™ Free Pipe is a mud product designed for freeing stuck pipe. It is easily mixed at the rig site with conventional mixing equipment and performs in both diesel and synthetic base fluids. Free Pipe can also be used to prepare a complete oil based drilling fluid as it contains a filtration control additive, a viscosifier, and a very effective emulsifier. Free Pipe is stable to continuous temperatures up to 300°F +.

  • PEG-350™

    Liquid Free Pipe

    PEG 350™ Liquid Free Pipe is an emulsion mud product designed for freeing stuck pipe. It is easily applied at the rig site in concentrated or diluted form with conventional mixing equipment and performs in both diesel and synthetic base fluids.

  • RM-1012™

    Low End Rheology Modifier

    RM-1012™ is a Low End Rheological Modifier is a high efficiency viscosity modifier/booster for all invert fluids, including synthetics RM-1012™ enhances rheology and stability of both invert and all-oil drilling fluids, with an emphasis on low end rheology increase. This allows LEM to provide excellent anti-settling properties for stored fluids and low end modification for fluids requiring low shear viscosity.