• CC-200™

    City White Concrete Curing Compound

    CC-200™ is a water based pigment liquid-membrane curing compound that is applied to freshly pour concrete surface, preventing rapid water evaporation.

  • CW-600™

    Water Based, Wax-Based Concrete Curing Compound

    CW-600™ is a water-based, wax-based, pigmented liquid membrane curing compound that is applied to freshly poured concrete surfaces, preventing rapid water evaporation.

  • ECO-1000™

    Type 2, Class A - Concrete Curing Compound

    ECO-1000™ is a white pigmented, high performance resin based, liquid membrane concrete curing compound. ECO-1000™ was designed to be applied to freshly pour horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces.

  • Eco-Cure™

    Eco-Cure™ is an environmental liquid membrane forming curing compound for the use on horizontal and exterior Road, Highway, Airport, and other concrete construction.

  • PE Form Release™

    Oil-Based Form Release

    PE Form Release™ is an organic-based liquid form release agent ideal for providing fast and simple release to architectural bondable concrete surfaces. PE Form Release™ effectively prevents bonding of concrete to forms and provides a clean finish when de-bonding occurs.

  • PEG-Clear™

    Resin-Based, Water-Based Concrete Curing Compound

    PEG-Clear™ is a resin based, water-base concrete cure typically used on interior, exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. PEG-Clear™ forms a continuous membrane which controls moisture loss in freshly placed concrete.

  • TID-300™

    Type 1-D, Concrete Curing Compound

    TID-300™, formerly TSC-300, is a milky red liquid curing compound manufactured under DOT Standards. When properly applied forms an impermeable membrane that holds moisture in the concrete structures. Ideal for vertical exterior surfaces.

  • TSC-100™

    Type 2, Class B Concrete Curing Compound

    TSC-100™ is a liquid membrane compound manufactured under TxDOT standards. TSC-100™ is a white pigment curing compound that complies with the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) requirements of the US EPA /ACR. TSC-100™ is applied to freshly poured concrete surface to prevent rapid water evaporation.